About us

" You don`t always need a plan. Sometimes you just have to take your breath, trust, dive and see what happens…”

We from Event Academy Bulgaria have the pleasure to introduce you the newest in the world of entertainment and tourism…but in a different dimension. Dimensions where your corporate event, team building, wedding, party break, club event or party excursion will reach a degree that would melt any stereotype. Our long experience in the industry has taught us how to be "excellent" and our artistic souls - how to put a bit of life and uniqueness into everything we do. And because we have dedicated our work to the idea of ​​leaving you truly satisfied and happy to you - our followers, we have learned to know and analyze every bit of your needs and desires.

All of that gave us the knowledge. Knowledge of a need of emotion in the working team. Knowledge of how important is the smile of the loving one, when living the wedding she dreamed of. Knowledge of every one on the planet being born with the unspeakable thirst for the magic of music, dancing and passion that the heady party can bring. Knowledge of the way. The way of the party explorer for whom the time is never enough…. It is because it just has to be controlled.

Be with us on our excursions - they will take your breath. Give yourself the present to be part of a nonstop party going on the most emblematic destinations, that the amazing world offers us. Be delighted by the combination of the beauty of nature, hot sea beaches, butterfly flirting, cool cocktails, and of course, blowing off the senses music from your favourite artists. Join the team with a different team building and do not wait for your boss to organize it. Give yourself a birthday or wedding day dressed in the sounds of a gentle violin that you will remember all your life.

Just give yourself your dreams and experience them ...

Whatever the occasion, we from Event Academy Bulgaria are with you and our team of creative professionals are ready to work around the clock to create an unforgettable emotion ... Your emotion!