Privacy Policy



1. EVENT ACADEMY is a data controller duly registered under the Bulgarian Data Protection Act. Therefore, EVENT ACADEMY shall exercise all due care for the protection of the personal data of natural persons and is not to disseminate, sell or provide to any third parties personal unless the sharing of such data proves necessary for performance of services by EVENT ACADEMY, or is required by a competent authority, by operation of a law or the person has granted his/her consent to EVENT ACADEMY.


1. Each individual shall have the right of access to personal data related to him/her being stored and processed by EVENT ACADEMY. Where such access right of a natural person may lead to a disclosure of personal data of third parties, EVENT ACADEMY shall provide to the relevant natural person access only to that part of the information that relates to the latter.  
2. Upon exercise of his/her access right the individual shall have the right to request access at any time from EVENT ACADEMY:
2.1. confirmation whether the data relating to him/her are being processed, information about the purposes of such processing, about the data categories or the categories of recipients to whom such data are disclosed;
2.2. notice to him/her in a comprehensible form, containing his/her personal data that are subject to processing as well as any available information about their source;
2.3. information about the logic of each automated data processing related to him/her in the events of automated solutions of  EVENT ACADEMY.
3. EVENT ACADEMY shall provide information free of charge.
4. In the event of a death of a natural person, his/her rights may be exercised by his/her successors.
5. An individual shall be entitled, at any time, to request from EVENT ACADEMY:
5.1. to delete, correct or block his/her personal data  the processing of which does not meet the provisions of applicable EU legislation;
5.2. to notify the third persons to whom his/her personal data have been disclosed about the deletion, correction or blocking thereof, in accordance with paragraph (1), unless this proves impossible or implies excessive efforts.
6. The aforementioned access right shall be exercised by way of submitting a written application to EVENT ACADEMY at the following address: city of Sofia, Sredets district, 38 Parchevich Str.
7. The application may be submitted electronically as well subject to the procedure provided for under the Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature at the following e-address: ……………...
8. The application shall be submitted in person by the individual to whom such data refer, or by his/her representative explicitly authorized by notarized power of attorney.
9. The application shall contain:
9.1. name, address and other data, necessary for identification of the relevant natural person;
9.2. statement of the request;
9.3. preferred form of the information provision;
9.4. signature, date of submission of the application and correspondence address.
Where the application is submitted by duly authorized person, a notarized power of attorney shall be enclosed thereto.   
10. EVENT ACADEMY may provide the information in the form of a statement, oral or written, or in the form of review of the data of the respective natural person or his/her duly authorized representative.  
11. Individuals may request personal data copies on a preferred medium or electronically, unless this is prohibited by operation of the law.
12. EVENT ACADEMY or a person expressly authorized by the latter shall review the application and provide a response within 14 days as of its submission. This time limit may be extended up to 30 days when the collection of all requested data objectively requires a longer period of time and that would create a considerable weight in respect of the operations of EVENT ACADEMY.
13. Within 14 days EVENT ACADEMY shall decide whether to provide full or partial information to the applicant or to reject such provision by specifying the reasons for such rejection and respectively, notify the concerned persons within 14 days as of the application submission or decline the taking of any actions while specifying the reasons for such rejection.
14. EVENT ACADEMY shall notify in writing the applicant on its decision or rejection within the respective time limit. The notice shall be served in person against signature or via registered mail. If the application is received via email the notice shall be sent via email to the applicant. The lack of notification shall be deemed as a rejection.
15. EVENT ACADEMY shall decline access to personal data where such data do not exist or their provision if prohibited by operation of a law. EVENT ACADEMY shall decline full or partial access to data about the individual to whom they refer where such access would threaten national security or classified information protection and that is provided for under a special law.
16. EVENT ACADEMY shall decline the transfer of data, wholly or partially, to the individual to whom they refer in the events in which:  
16.1. that would obstruct the prevention or detection of criminal offences, their persecution or the execution of criminal penalties;
16.2. this proves necessary for the protection of:
(A) national security;
(B) public order;
(C) the individual to whom such data refer.
17. EVENT ACADEMY does not inform the individual to whom the data refer if this is expressly specified by the data provider.  
18. the individual to whom the data refer shall be entitled to:
18.1. oppose EVENT ACADEMY in the processing of his/her personal data on legal grounds; where the objection is justified, the personal data of the respective natural person may not be processed further;
18.2. object to the processing of his/her personal data for direct marketing purposes;  
18.3. be informed prior to the first-time disclosure of his/her personal data  to any third parties or the use on their behalf for the purposes specified in item 18.2., and in order to provide him/her with the opportunity to object to any such disclosure or use.
19. The decision of EVENT ACADEMY is not admissible when:
19.1. this entails legal consequences or exerts a substantial impact on the individual, and
19.2. is based solely on the automated processing of personal data intended to assess some private aspects of the personality.
20. This rule shall not apply when the decision is:
20.1. made in the course of performance of a contact provided that the request for performance of such contract submitted by the relevant natural person is satisfied or that appropriate measures exist ensuring his/her legal interests;
20.2. is regulated by the law, which also sets forth measures for guaranteeing the legal interests of the individual.
21. The individual shall be entitled to request from EVENT ACADEMY to review the decision adopted in violation of the provisions of item 19.


1. The website shall collect some personal data from its users. Personal data shall be collected and used only for the purposes of providing services by EVENT ACADEMY. Personal data shall be collected for the following purposes and used for the following services:
a) name and surname, email address, telephone number, date of birth – for reservations, obtaining vouchers and other documents related to the services of EVENT ACADEMY, client identification in relation to provision of services;
b) personal ID number and ID card data – for conclusion of the required insurance upon reservation of Transport service;
c) email address – for sending personalized marketing communications;
2. The individual shall confirm that same has voluntarily provided to EVENT ACADEMY all personal data and has granted permission to EVENT ACADEMY to collect, process  and store  personal data, as well as transfer any parts of this information wherever necessary for provision of services on the part of EVENT ACADEMY or whenever required by the applicable legislation.
3. Every individual shall be responsible for entering of any other person’s data without due permission.  
4. Each individual shall obtain an express consent from all third parties whose personal data he/she enters or which are in any manner concerned by the use of the services of  EVENT ACADEMY by such individual, for collection, processing and storage of their personal data  (if any) and execute the required registration and other activities in order to be able to legally collect, process and store such data (if required by operation of the law). The individual shall be responsible as regards the manner in which the latter collects, processes and stores the personal data of third parties.
5. The individual grants its consent to EVENT ACADEMY with the collection of any email addresses for the purposes of certification and with their inclusion by EVENT ACADEMY in postal lists for sending communications about new versions and the information newsletter of EVENT ACADEMY. If at any given time the individual is willing to unsubscribe from receiving any further emails, he/she must follow the instructions thereto contained in the emails from EVENT ACADEMY. With the completion of the data and details for contact the individual grants its explicit consent to EVENT ACADEMY with the use of all technical means of communication with him/her in respect of which the individual has indicated contact details. The provision of data and contact details on the part of the individual does not oblige EVENT ACADEMY to establish contacts with him/her.
6. The individual agrees that EVENT ACADEMY may monitor and analyze the cumulative, and not individual behaviour. Subsequently, EVENT ACADEMY may use the cumulative data for improvement of the overall service of EVENT ACADEMY’s clients.
7. The individual agrees that EVENT ACADEMY may use cookies and collect information about the preferences and interests of visitors and analyze cumulative data about people.
8. Even though EVENT ACADEMY is to take all reasonable precautions in order to protect personal data, EVENT ACADEMY shall not be held liable in respect of any external circumstances, such as theft, communication errors or counterfeiting.
9. The individual agrees that EVENT ACADEMY will be able to change services and integrate services provided by third parties which require transfer of data to the third party.
10. The individual acknowledges that EVENT ACADEMY does not control the content entered by other persons.


1.    The individual agrees that other persons and/or employees and/or representatives of EVENT ACADEMY may take images, photos and videoclips and these media materials may wholly or partially contain footage with the individual.
2.     The individual is aware that if the latter does not inform EVENT ACADEMY prior to such departure or at the latest until the first day of the Services as regards his/her explicit refusal to feature in any images  and video materials, he /she consents with featuring in such images and video materials. Hereby the individual also consents with the termless, free of charge and irrevocable permission to EVENT ACADEMY, its employees and/or representatives to reproduce such materials for any purposes (including marketing, advertisement and promotions) within the country and abroad and on any medium whatsoever, without any additional obligation or remuneration being due to the individual.